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Advanced Functional Medicine: Uprooting The Root Cause

What Advanced Functional Medicine Entails

Applying advanced functional medicine in reaching the fundamental cause(s) of a medical problem is a relatively new branch of medicinal science that deals with the ailing prospect in a comprehensive, focused manner. This requires a deeper, patient-centric clinical understanding for an ideal practical application. This is the way for a doctor to work in harmony with the affected individual, with the latter encouraged and empowered throughout the treatment program. Before the treatment specialist embarks upon his corrective journey, it’s imperative that they develop a clear understanding of the patient’s crucial historical background in terms of their biochemical, lifestyle and genetic aspects.

CDM As Your Advanced Functional Medicine Hub

Working up for the betterment of our community, CDM concentrates on treating each case in a highly personalized way for better health outcomes. But, why CDM is different? Ours is a unique philosophy of addressing the underlying cause of the ailment rather than remaining focused on mere symptoms. Our skilled medical unit is well-oriented in recognizing the gravity of the disease. Another realistic approach is the fact that a certain condition may be the outcome of several causes and a single causative factor may give rise to multiple conditions at a time. This is where functional medicine slips into the picture, aiming at the specified indications of the disease presented by each individual.

Employing An Insightful Perspective

At CDM, advanced functional medicine framework is the by-product of deep knowledge and medical acumen of a band of medical enthusiasts. Let’s reveal the secret sauce. By setting up a diagnostic pathway to tread along in a completely individualized manner, medical issues are effectively dealt with ever-progressing research and knowledge in the fields of genetic science, epigenetic science, and nutritional science. This unique studies combination helps us reaching the very roots of the problem. We then utilize minimal-risk treatments that alter the relevant body systems at cellular and molecular level in a positive way, aiding to reverse the actions of these systems for health restoration.

Replace Failure With Success

We should realize the fact that conventional medicine still sells like hot cake globally. Ample research and careful observations, coupled with failed traditional treatments, have given way to the development of functional medicine. This is medical science at its best, fetching health at microscopic level. It comprises both the age-old history collection and our modern symptoms mapping to intervene and uproot the root cause.
Modern diagnostics machines are designed to search for almost every medical symptom imaginable. This can slow down processing times, raise healthcare costs, and delay treatment. And this isn’t an issue that seems to be slowing down.