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Diagnostic Medicine – What Sets It Apart

Why Micro Needling In The First Place

What imparts natural elasticity and firmness to our skin, making it appear stretched and tight? Why does our skin develop those unwanted, unpleasant creases and wrinkles while turning slack and loose?

The answer to the above questions is “collagen,” in a single word.

In greater detail, as our age progresses the level of collagen, a natural protein produced within the body, drops due to limited production. This is a natural degenerative process that can be retarded with micro needling, but not done away with.

Several underlying factors such as exposure to sun’s ultraviolet radiation, smoking and other lifestyle adoptions lead to reduced collagen production that gives way to premature aging.

Micro Needling – What To Look Before And After It

The one great feature that micro needling presents is the fact that it can be performed on skin of all types and colors, even sensitive skin. Due to enhanced blood flow to poorly healing skin areas, your surgical and acne scars along with wrinkles and fine lines are minimized, giving tightness, thickness and smoothness to your skin. Moreover, you’ll experience an improved penetration and absorption of moisturizers, lotions and serums into the deeper skin layers. As a bonus, your stretch marks as well as hair loss are well-contained.

Before It

It is important to first consult a skin specialist prior to undergoing micro needling treatment, as everyone is not a suitable candidate for it. It is not advisable for those who are living under certain situations, such as the ones listed below.
Those who have used isotretinoin within the preceding 3 months

Those who have open cuts, wounds or abrasions on the skin

Those who have undergone any radiation treatment over the past 12 months

Those suffering from any skin condition/infection like herpes simplex

Those who are pregnant or breast-feeding

Those having a history of compounded scars, poor wound-healing or cheloid

After It

After you’re done with the procedure, the following changes and modifications begin appearing stepwise.
It requires around 6 weeks for collagen-synthesis to initiate.

It takes another 6 months for the complete effect of the treatment to be visible

There’s marked difference in the skin appearance observed by patients following the first treatment.

The process can be repeated every 6-8 weeks as long as the epidermis is healed.

After single therapy, collagen formation can continue for up to 12 months.

Besides your facial skin, the therapy is excellent for repressing wrinkles and fine lines from various parts of the body.

It is found to be an effective process for complete removal of tattoos and other skin markings.